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Congratulations to Lenoir Rhyne Alumni Joesph Weaver for being named North Carolina's Physical Education Teacher of the Year for 2015! 

Read about his accomplishment here.  


Education Convocation Event Features Seven Local Teacher Perspectives

On November 30, seven local teachers sat on a panel to discuss teaching. These teachers were Paula Gambill (Jenkins Elementary), Jerrica Dula (Oakwood Elementary), Betsy Swan (Jenkins Elementary), Lisa Hatfield (Viewmont Elementary), Kelly Brittain (Northview Middle), Debra Priest (Grandview Middle), and David Schouweiler (Discovery High).

This convocation included the screening of the recent documentary "Teach", directed by Davis Guggenheim and hosted by Queen Latifah. The film focuses on the question, "What is a teacher?" and provides a rare glimpse of 4 public school classrooms over an entire year. The film was be followed by a discussion between the audience and panel of educators.

The film and facilitated discussion engaged students attending in considering what the "vocation" and mission of teaching mean by illuminating the beliefs, attitudes, and experiences of the teachers featured in the film chronicled over a whole year in the documentary. The central themes of the film are: perseverance as a key predictor of success; the instructive value of being challenged; innovation, technology, and learning; the importance of constructive supervision, coaching, and mentoring in the learning process; the importance of reflection and assessment in the learning process; authentic human connections at the heart of teaching and learning; flexibility, change, and resilience as necessary strategies for success. The film and discussion illuminated not only content within the intellectual discipline of education, but also the cultural and spiritual parts of the profession and it's contexts.







World View:


About World View

The world is much smaller than it used to be. In this age of information technology, even exotic places thousands of miles away are only a few hours or a click away. They can, and do, affect the way we live.

The world's geopolitics has also been restructured with the breakup of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. And since September 11, 2001, the way we see the world has forever changed. The next generation's future rests heavily on its recognizing and being prepared for these challenges as well as the opportunities in a restructured, more interconnected world.

For school and college administrators, the facts of globalism bring two major challenges. First, young people from all over the world -- Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East -- are now sitting in our classrooms. Dozens of languages are represented in most school districts and colleges. Helping these newcomers adjust to an American culture that is new to them and teaching them what they need to know to be responsible, productive citizens is a great challenge for educators. Second, all students need to understand their smaller world and acquire the skills and attitudes that will enable them to live and work effectively within it. That is where World View comes in.


Cyberkids Robofest 2013



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