Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Education

LR offers a "licensure-only" option now for DHH educators. This allows for teachers first to become qualified in the standard course of study and the general education pedagogy of Pre-K, Elementary Education, or Secondary Education and then to specialize in the content, skills, and dispositions specific to DHH education.

The community at LR has long been committed to the mission of preparing teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH). Our DHH licensure program holds an inclusive philosophy, recognizing that communication is critical to inclusion. We conscientiously strive to prepare teachers to meet the full range of challenges in the field, and to foster dispositions of flexibility and lifelong learning. We recognize that, as mandated by law and best practice, our purpose is to meet the individual needs of children, from birth through high school, through spoken languages and through signed languages.

Deaf EdWe believe that the most powerful change is facilitated through respectful collaborative partnerships with families and professionals. We seek to prepare teachers to promote communicative, academic, social, and cognitive development of children with the challenge of deafness.


Learning language and concepts takes place
          in the context of real experiences...
                       learning to teach is best promoted
                                     in interactions with children.




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