COEHS Student Complaint Portal

The link below provides College of Education and Human Services students a means for lodging formal complaints with the college’s administration. Since all complaints will be seriously considered and addressed, this is not an anonymous process. All students lodging complaints will be required to submit their name and email address so that we can provide an appropriate response to concerns. This portal does not substitute for any official Lenoir-Rhyne student procedures including: LR Student Grievance Policy, Grade Appeal Policy, Intervention Appeals Processes, or Student Conduct Appeals Processes.

Appropriate complaints for the COEHS Student Complaint Portal may fall into one of the following categories:

  • Specific concerns with Education or Counseling course requirements.
  • Specific concerns with instructional practices and/or management issues in Education or Counseling courses.
  • Specific concerns related to faculty, staff, or student behaviors not covered by the LR Student Grievance policy.
  • Concerns or issues related to admissions processes.
  • Concerns or issues related to clinical placement processes.
  • Concerns or issues related to internal or external COEHS communications.
  • Concerns or issues related to student evaluation processes.
  • Concerns or issues with current Education or Counseling program curricula.
  • Concerns or issues with Education or Counseling clinical experiences.

Click here to lodge a formal complaint.



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