Master of Arts in Language Development and Learning

Lenoir-Rhyne University offers the opportunity for Master level study relevant to language and issues in Education. Any baccalaureate degree relevant to human development, human service, sociology, psychology, or education is appropriate prerequisite study for this degree. The full course of Master level study is 36 hours of coursework, culminating in an internship experience.  

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Licensure Candidates

If a candidate also holds a current teaching license in any area, pre-Kindergarten through high school, additional licenses in the following areas can be earned with a minimum of 18 hours of coursework. This 18 hours can also apply towards the Master of Arts in Education (Language Development and Learning).


  • English as a Second Language Education
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education


These specific licensure areas provide additional opportunities for employment in an increasingly competitive market. In the course of earning a license in an additional area of certification, students in the Lenoir-Rhyne's School of Education Master level study are oriented to contemporary issues in education and the diverse needs of students in the schools. Study of methods that address the needs of students with diverse language learning needs also enable teachers to better understand and enhance the learning of all kinds of learners. Teachers learn how to adapt and accommodate the standard course of study for children to promote academic learning while at the same time providing the foundation of language skills that enables independent access to the standard course of study.

The internship experience and/or assessment practicum can be used to prepare a candidate  for the Natonal Boards, or a previously submitted successful product of the Boards can be considered for satisfying the requirements of one of these two practicums.

This course of study is designed to meet the needs of currently employed persons. The required coursework is delivered in a non-traditional schedule of on-line, hybrid, weekend, and summer coursework. Contact Dr. Terri Barrett ( ) for more information.

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